Sunday, September 28, 2014

Has Insanity Returned to D181?

As the blogger administrators, we have been following the comments posted by community members over the last two weeks regarding the math pilots, learning committee, the apparent dismantlement of the Learning for All Plan "acceleration for all" model and the "raise the floor to raise the ceiling" mantra that was previously preached by Dr. Schneider,  and his promotion to run the Department of Learning.

We will continue posting comments, but we are sufficiently concerned with the state of affairs in D181 that we feel compelled to publish, as a free standing post, the following comment we received this afternoon.  Please sound off if you agree or disagree with the content.  We are very troubled by the implications of this comment and fear that D181 has not "turned the corner" from the darkness that blanketed it under the Schuster/Schneider administration.......


"Insanity-doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

For 2 years the administration used an inclusive philosophy to compact/accelerate students a grade level ahead in math. It was a complete failure for our now 5th graders. Students were kept at the same pace-one grade level ahead. Beginning in 3rd grade (for our now 5th graders) every 3rd grader was taught 2 years of math in 1 calendar year. The term “taught” is used loosely b/c newsflash, most children are not capable of this in the first place, but I digress..... Teachers struggled to meet the needs of learners who were grade level and below. Teachers struggled to meet the needs of students who needed to move faster. Students in the middle didn’t get what they deserved because the teachers were pulled in too many different directions. Students suffered from a self-esteem standpoint. Parents were livid. The district ended up paying teachers to tutor students ON GRADE LEVEL after school so they could learn a grade level ahead during school.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

High School District 86 Concerns

We have been asked to begin a post on what is happening at the high school district, D86. As you may be aware, the teachers' contract expired on June 30, 2014 and the school board has not settled a new contract with the HHSTA -- teachers' association. Parents, students, teachers and community members are very concerned about the current situation and the behavior of the Board majority.

We have begun receiving comments on what is happening in D86 and have been asked to set up this free-standing post. Because what happens in D86 impacts all of our property values and will impact current D181/future D86 students, we agree that a free standing post on this is appropriate.

Below are the first four comments we have received on this topic. We invite our readers to sound off on D86.