Thursday, June 8, 2017


One year ago today, we suspended publication of this parent blog.  (6/8/16 Post)  Today we have decided to reopen the blog for the summer, in order to allow parents to SOUND OFF on D181 issues.

Although our children have all graduated from D181 schools, as taxpayers and community members, we remain invested in the schools, and in particular ensuring that students receive the best education possible within the walls of all nine schools.  Over the last year, we have listened from the sidelines to parent discussions regarding the state of curriculum, budget and building projects.  We have also read press coverage on these topics and listened occasionally to board meeting podcasts.  This morning we received the following comment on our last post asking us to reopen the blog.

Anonymous said...
Dear Bloggers:

Recent actions at the D181 central office do not pass the smell test. That office needs to be disinfected! Please consider re-opening the blog for the summer so that we can shine a light on the recent actions of Dr. White and company. We need to bring accountability and transparency back to D181. We need your help Bloggers!
After reading this comment and considering what we have been hearing from parents in the community, we agree that reopening the post, at least for this summer, is approrpriate.

It is not our intention, at this time, to publish posts that we, the parent bloggers, write. We will, however, publish comments and if appropriate, highlight them as free standing posts. Depending on what is submitted, we may choose to investigate issues and write our own commentary, but that will depend on what is submitted.

We will now wait to see if community members want to SOUND OFF on D181 issues.

The Bloggers