Monday, June 10, 2013

It's time to resign, Board Member Nelson

At tonight's Board Meeting, only 5 board members were present. New Member Clarin was absent for the first time since he was sworn in on May 6.   For the 7th time this year, Member Nelson was absent.

There have been 5 meetings since May 6 and Mr. Nelson has missed every single one.  He has not called in to participate by phone.  He has now been physically absent for 57% of the meetings.

Let us state the obvious -- it is time for Mr. Nelson to resign.  It is common knowledge in the community that Mr. Nelson started a new job earlier this year that requires him to travel a lot.  However, while he is doing his paid job, he is not doing or participating in his elected job.  There are other community members who would be willing to step into the Board Seat and represent the community and attend if not all, almost all of the meetings.

But that can only happen if Mr. Nelson gives up his seat.  For the sake of the students and taxpayers in D181, we ask that he do so.


Elementary school parent said...

I think it is actually better that Nelson not attend. It seems like the Board of Education has been more productive, reasonable, and analytical without him!

The Parents said...

We agree that at the last few meetings Mr. Turek has done a good job of allowing board members to ask all of their questions and express their opinions on issues. However, we would encourage more Board Members to actively participate in the discussions. Also, since this is supposed to be a Board of 7 active members, all with an equal voice and vote, Mr. Nelson's continued absences are quite unfair to the electorate and to community members willing and able to take on this extremely important volunteer position.