Monday, February 3, 2014


Multiple sources have confirmed to us that mold has tested positively in approximately 10 rooms at HMS. This is, of course, after the huge clean up and remediation that has taken place during the past two weeks. Will this positive identification be disclosed at the walk through this evening at HMS beginning at 6:30 or will Dr. Schuster and her administration spin the positive mold discovery? We shall see….


Anonymous said...

You've gotta be kidding me. We just paid how much to clean up mold at HMS and now mold is still present within the school? Why weren't parents told about this immediately? Are all the materials brought back by teachers now compromised?
Memo to Dr. Schuster and her staunch BOE supporters: how about contacting parent Dr. Norton so he can help you straighten this mess out? Apparently you thought you didn't need his help because you never responded to his offer to provide you with his expertise, right Marty Turek and Renee Schuster? Now what have you got to show for your arrogance? More mold.

Anonymous said...

See what happens to parents when they come forward to help? They are dismissed. Not only was Mr. Norton extremely qualified, he was a stakeholder and parent. He took time out of his own work and away from his own family to help, yet was ignored, just like other parents are.

I am outraged at Dr. Schuster's blatant lies. How dare she send our kids back without any confirmation that the mold was gone!. At what point does this turn criminal? Someone please tell me. Can we get rid of her then?

This is a perfect example of how D181 treats parents, experts, and the law - with total disrespect and disregard.

Disgusted by D181

HMS Dad said...

I hope this is not true. I am out of town on business and cannot attend the open house. I have not received any official news from Dr.schuster in any emails. Do teachers know if this is true and when did they know? If teachers are reading this blog, can you confirm this (anonymously if you must) and tell me and other parents if the building is ready?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is true.


jay_wick said...

District email has been sent clarifying any areas that tested positive were recleaned and retested.

BOE members were at the Open House to assist with walking tours of the effected areas.

Contractors and staff were available to answer questions.

Nothing seemed particularly sinister.

Some parents in attendance clearly would like a new school built...

The Parents said...

Mr. Wick: thanks for your update. Please let us know what you think of our new post that discloses that Dr. Schuster has once again withheld what we believe is important information from the community regarding the mold situation at Hinsdale middle school.