Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On the Road Again...Schneider Continues His Social Justice Mantra

We have been alerted by one of our readers that Kurt Schneider, D181's Assistant Superintendent of Everything, is currently on his annual trek to Wisconsin for promotion of social justice and inclusion within educational settings. We wouldn't be surprised if Schneider is using his D181 Learning for All experiment as a self-promotional tool during his seminar sessions, especially with his trusted colleagues Frattura and Capper also listed as presenters.

Message to Dr. White: Is it acceptable that your newly minted administrator is spending an entire week away from the central office? We certainly hope that he is taking vacation time for this conference (as would be appropriate), however, we can’t imagine the work and responsibilities that are on hold just several weeks before the start of the school year.  Last year, 8 administrators and principals attended this conference and were reimbursed by the taxpayers for their expenses.

Will we be on the hook again this year? Guess we will have to wait and see . . . .

For more information about Schneider's activities this week click on the following link:

Be sure to scroll to the end of the web page to see the names and bios of all of the facilitators presenting at the conference.  


Anonymous said...

Proverbs 13:20

The Parents said...

Here is the text of Proverbs 13:20 from the English Standard Version (ESV)

"Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm."

Well said, anonymous.

jay_wick said...

Please see below the email I sent to Regional Superintendent of Schools and her response --

Dear Dr. Ruscitti:

I am parent, and concerned community member who is very troubled by the implicit endorsement of charlatans that have little to offer educators in DuPage Co.

When even fair minded folks like Dianne Ravitch see through the shameless self-promotion and outright bullying of teachers that people like Steve Perry engage in it causes one to question what motivates such divisive presentations to be offered under the banner of the Regional Superintendent --

The scant qualifications of Steve Perry bring the judgement of your office into question:

Further the radical efforts of co-presenter Decoteau Irby in things like "partnering" with post-incarceration offenders seems exactly the kind of thing that stirs the worst forces of the radical reactionaries that want to choke off much needed funding even in affluent suburban areas.

Honestly this sound more like something that has more applicability to a post fire-bombed radical protest in Philadelphia than anything that could be valuable to the communities your office serves...

Perhaps if the real goal of the DuPage County Regional Superintendent of Schools is to bring more visibility to the much needed efforts to eliminate duplicate layers of government this effort will allow you to "go out with a bang"...

FROM: Darlene Ruscitti

5:42 PM (20 hours ago)

to me:

I greatly appreciate your comments. Everything we do is need based and this came up with our educators. Though it was offered, it was cancelled last week. We have no intention of offering it again.
Dr. Ruscitti

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Wick. "we have no intention of offering it again" because there is no need!

Anonymous said...

This was reassuring. Thank you Wick for the time you took to address this odd lecture.