Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tonight the Hinsdale Caucus is Set to Endorse Turek. We are Left Shaking Our Heads in Dismay!

Rather than posting another Daily Reason today on why Marty Turek should not be reelected to the D181 BOE next spring, we are posting a comment we have just received from a community member.  We believe it is timely since tonight all of the Hinsdale Caucus delegates will officially vote to endorse Turek as a candidate for the D181 school board. We are still shell shocked by the ignorance and stupidity (in our humble opinions) shown by the D181 Caucus Committee in selecting Turek as one of the four candidates to endorse. We have heard of at least two other individuals who applied to the caucus, both who have regularly attended board meetings, are knowledgeable on the issues and have made public comments before the BOE that are thoughtful and well researched. These are the types of individuals the Caucus should be endorsing tonight, not Turek. Each delegate has to live with his/her conscience. Will anyone of them do the right thing and refuse to vote to endorse Turek? Each delegate who votes YES should do so ONLY IF they truly believe he has the appropriate character traits and skill set necessary to serve another four years on the board. Sadly, we do not believe he does.

"Anonymous said...
I agree that Mr. Turek has been anything but the community representative on the school board. Mr. Turek has during his first term been a successful rubber stamper and allowed scandals such as Donoroo, hinsdale middle school closure (moldarama)and the infamous bottle throwing incident to be successfully swept under the rug with a complete lack of accountability or any kind of fiscal responsibility. He was the only board member to have voted against a split schedule that allowed our students to go back to school at CHMS. He created drama over various issues including FOIA law... being the most opaque board president. If the nominating committee did not have enough members, it should have been dissolved instead of obviously continuing with a flawed process. Yes the few community members on the committee tried their best but the endorsements affect all 9 schools and all school areas should have been represented. I can't imagine there were no other suitable candidates besides Turek that interviewed that also cared about our schools and children. "

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