Saturday, January 10, 2015


Board Docs for Monday's (1/10) Committee of the Whole Meeting at Monroe School has been posted. There is no agenda item dealing with the Sprinkler Malfunction at Hinsdale Middle School.  There is no mention of the incident in the Superintendent's Report. When will the BOE be allowed to publicly discuss this incident -- including causes, damage, costs and future ramifications? Will it really require one of our more responsible  board members (and we all who who they are) asking for it to be added to the agenda? How disappointing -- AGAIN.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that there is at least one board member who asks Dr. White to update the board about the cause of the sprinkler malfunction. We should be able to send our kids to school without worrying about dressing them in rain slickers to protect them from exploding sprinkler heads! Seriously though, I bet it will turn out that the cold air got into the walls again, freezing up the piping around the sprinkler head and tripping it. Nothing else makes sense, especially since this room was right next to the room last year that had the burst pipe.