Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Comment of the Day -- If the D181 Administration Thinks All Voters Will Be Willing to Pay Higher Property Taxes to Build a New School, Then They Better Stop the Wasteful Spending of our Existing Tax Dollars

This morning we received the comment below, which we have decided to post as Comment of the Day because it expresses our (the bloggers') sentiments to a tee:

Anonymous said...
I would like to know what on earth the administration did for a team building event that cost $15,000? And why are tax payers paying $1100 for flights and $1500 for hotel reservations for 2 teachers? Who is expensing food at the airport? We're paying to check luggage? $500 for hotel stay for TASH conference? I could go on and on and on about these expenses. There needs to be a major crack down on the free for all spending mentality that is taking place here. Potbelly, Dunkin Donuts, Corner Bakery.....cut it!! And you want to build a new school? Stop spending money on unnecessary things!! This is tax payer money!!

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