Monday, January 11, 2016

Comment of the Day -- It is Critical to Attend Tonight's BOE Meeting at 6 p.m. at the Administration Center

This morning we were alerted via comment that the board meeting tonight will begin at 6 p.m., not 7 p.m., the usual start time (or time that appears on the D181 website BOE meeting calendar schedule). In addition, we received the following comment which we are posting as our Comment of the Day, encouraging people to contact the BOE and/or attend tonight's meeting.

We strongly encourage D181 parents to not turn a blind eye to the curriculum issues that should be of grave concern to all of you.

Comment of the Day:

Anonymous said...
We all know that this meeting tonight will likely be long-as all the other meetings are long and drawn out with no real change. If you cannot attend to show your support for great rigor in all of our grade level classrooms, K -5, by making public comment to support a more comprehensive math trajectory then please write a letter to your BOE.

They have to hear from the parents. One parent, two parents, three is not enough. We need to raise our voices. If every person who wrote on this blog demanding accountability, sharing frustration, and expressing concern over how ability based groups are formed and where children in the top 1/3 are getting their needs met wrote just one letter, sent just one email or made one phone call--that would be a powerful voice for change.

Once again they have updated the math trajectory proposal. For those who have been following it since its first placement on the Board Docs, you'll see they have now changed it from the Learning Committee post to the general Board post to reflect that in grades 3 and higher they will have a grade level group and an "advanced" group. In fifth grade, they will propose acceleration where kids will all of a sudden jump one or two years.

Until then, there is nothing. So what does it matter if they do away with the 2 SD criteria? If your child makes that as an elite top 2 percent, great. But the general math trajectory states nothing till 5th grade. Nothing. IF that doesn't make you write a letter, I don't know what will.


Jill Quinones said...

I hope the District plans to speak on how it is going to revise its policy on releasing to the general public personal information, especially about our children. See I'm glad the State Legislator wants to look at the State Code, but honestly the District needs to revise its own policy. Despite what Ms McGuiggan says, on the registration forms there was NO OPTION to opt out of public release - only release to PTOs and/or D181 Foundation. The Parent/Student Handbooks only refer to information to be released by building Principals - NOT the District Central Office Administrators. And it requires yet another hoop after registration of writing a letter to the Principal "at the beginning of the school year" - just how many days is that?

The policy should be one of opting IN to public release, it should be part of registration, it should require BOE prior approval unless a matter of health or safety (as a check and balance on the Superintendent), and there should be a link on the District website or an email to parents indicating when such a release has happened, to whom, and what information was released.

There is no way a political committee needs children's names, addresses, phone numbers, school attending and grade level - but that's what was given out without a thought!

Anonymous said...

Most parents allow their children's and their personal information to be published in their children's school directories so that their children can be invited to play dates and birthday parties.

None of us anticipated that our personal information would be released for the administration and board's self-serving purpose.

This is getting out of hand. How much more do we have to take before someone does something about the current nightmare we call District 181?

Anonymous said...

I read the Tribune article. It says "The official term 'directory information' creates a little confusion on this," she said.

District 181 give parents the opportunity during online registration to opt out by checking boxes of having their information shared with their school's PTO and/or the District 181 Foundation. McGuiggan said opting out of either also includes an opt-out for third-party requests, such as Citizens for a new HMS. Student handbooks also include information about opting out of having directory information shared by submitting a written request.

The impression is that the district gives parents the opportunity to opt out. However, the district registration forms on the website says:

Parent permission will be expressly requested for release to external audiences of a student's address, phone number, birth date, and parent/guardian name(s). Exceptions to the above-stated guidelines include sharing information that may be required by local, state and federal education agencies and as described in Board of Education policy

We didn't give an express release to give information to the referendum committee. Why can t this district get anything right....and stop making excuses when you make a mistake!