Saturday, February 17, 2018

Breaking News: Is New Superintendent Announcement Imminent?

We have been closely monitoring the D181 website to see when, and if, the 6 day notice will be posted informing the community of the name of the proposed superintendent hire and related compensation package.  So far, no 6 day notice has been posted, but today we saw an agenda for a Special Meeting has posted on BoardDocs.

The board is scheduled to meet in executive session -- again -- on Tuesday, February 20, at 8 pm.  (Source:  The only substantive item on the Agenda is a Personnel Discussion.  (Source:

Since no 6 day notice has been posted, we do not believe the BOE will be voting to approve any new hires at this meeting. But since there haven't been any more series of closely held meetings, perhaps this means that all the BOE has left to do is hammer out a new contract for the incoming Superintendent.  

We hope the BOE has something to publicly announce by its next regularly scheduled meeting, which per the online calendar will take place on Monday, February 26. (Source: Board Meeting Calendar). By our count, to do so will require the BOE to post the 6 day announcement no later than Tuesday night, February 20. (Source:  5 ILCS 120/7.3(b))

We will check the district website again on February 20 and notify our readers of any announcement. Until then, stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Good analysis. Very informative website. Great research on so many of the blog entries. Obviously, you have done your homework.

That said, if your stated "goal is to demand transparency and accountability by the Administration and the Board of Education," it seems you aren't as transparent as you expect D181 to be.

Why don't you include disclosure of who operates this website and who writes each blog? Otherwise this website appears to be an anonymous pot calling the D181 kettle black.

In my opinion, your credibility is damaged by your hesitancy to sign your work. (Of course, I doubt you will every post this comment.)

The Parents said...

11:18 -- Thanks for your compliments. As to your request that we disclose our identities, no can do. If you've read our blog from the start, you will see that we addressed this same issue multiple times. No time to rehash it. We are busy working on a new post on budget reduction issues. Stay tuned and thanks for following our blog!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, 11:18's comment is illogical. The professional obligations of a public school district whose sole income is almost entirely funded from the local property taxes and donations of its residents is not the same as the obligations of parents who run a free, public BLOG! It's like comparing the legal obligations of a well financed hospital with the obligations of a good samaritan who happens to be an innocent bystander. Or confusing the obligations of professional realtor with someone who mentions they saw a for sign on their block to someone looking for a house. It is a shame that this blog has to exist because school districts like this are so untrustworthy and negligent in their jobs.

Anyone who has children in public schools in this community knows that defensive parents and staff will immediately retaliate against anyone whose name is associated with exposing the truth about our district. Bravo to the Bloggers for actually posting this person's comment and proving the Blogs motives are above reproach. Too bad no one can say the same thing about 11:18, who, by the way, also singed anonymously.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 5:45. Defensive parents and staff do retaliate. The word vicious comes to mind.

The blog is needed because too many parents and district taxpayers are naive.

The truth needs exposing. For too many years, we had a propaganda person determining the messages the taxpayers received.

We need to get the IL Inspector General involved. If they aren't the correct agency to investigate D181's finances, retaliatory acts, ties and relationships, they should be able to tell us who can investigate.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10:06 and wish that this person would contact the AG. Parents have to come forward and complain to the authorities, not to the district themselves. It is too easy for the administration or even the board to dismiss one or two vocal parents. Life is too short to sit by the sidelines and act like you could never make a difference. You can. Anyone can complain anonymously to the AG, FBI, ISBE or any other law enforcement agency and they have to respect your right to privacy. Start by sending them an email or making a quick phone call. Give examples of your concerns and explain your fear of retaliation. Email them names of staff who, after you complained to them, told you not to contact them anymore. Bring up names of the administrators who blew your off. This in itself is a violation because it is not legal for schools to simply stop communicating to you about your own child. Provide names and evidence.

Complaining to your neighbors or a blog will never fix the situation around here, no matter who gets hired to be the next superintendent. And moving away or sending your kid to private school without bothering to complaining to anyone is not okay. It makes you an accomplice to the problem. Sure its hard, and even embarrassing to stand up against whats wrong in this world, but the reward of knowing you tried to make a difference will be worth it. What else were you put on earth to do?

I will complain today and let you know how it goes.