Friday, October 3, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: D86 Teachers' Association Files 10 Day Notice to Strike

Skoda and Corcoran continue to push teachers to strike

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Teachers’ Association Files Intent to Strike Paperwork
 The teachers’ association today filed paperwork required by SB7. According to the law, this filing initiates a 10-day timeframe that precedes any job action by the teachers.
“The board continues to push the teachers to strike,” said Jeff Waterman, chief negotiator for the teachers’ association. “Their offer hasn’t changed – it’s still as extreme and uncompetitive as it was in August. The teachers offered another compromise on Thursday – a fully-funded, two-year contract – that maintains the excellence of our schools and provides a two-year window to build bridges instead of battling in the press.”
“We have accepted many of their proposals on healthcare, retirement and language. We’ve made significant compromises on the financials. The teachers, again, made an offer that is reasonable. The board did not offer a counter-proposal,” Waterman said.


Yvonne Mayer said...

Below is a letter I just emailed the D86 BOE. Please write to the BOE and ask them to immediately release the Strike Contingency Plan to the public. It is our right to see a plan that will impact our children!


Dear Board of Education:
Today a representative at the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) informed me that D86 has turned over the Strike Contingency Plan to ISBE. In light of the HHSTA's filing of the 10 day notice to strike, I am again reiterating my request that you publish the contingency plan to the community. You can no longer say that it is in draft form and cannot release it, or for strategic reasons you are withholding it from the very people who will be impacted the most by the imminent strike that YOUR ACTIONS (those of the BOE negotiations team) have forced on the HHSTA -- the students and parents who must decide whether to allow our students to cross the picket lines. You have now disclosed it to another public agency and you have no right to withhold it from the public.
Yvonne Mayer
D86 Parent and Taxpayer

Concerned parent said...

Certain district 86 BOE members seem completely focussed on their tax/cost cutting mission, which is fine by me. I don't like taxes.

However, if they cause a strike to occur, then they have failed, in my opinion. They will have failed by pushing their political agenda, at the expense of the education of students in this district. At that point, their failure becomes a personal attack on every parent and family who is harmed as a result of their actions.

I am hoping that they understand this, but I am not optimistic.

If there is a strike, is there anything that can be done to recall these Board Members?