Saturday, November 8, 2014

A NEW SERIES: Joyful Learning? Are You Kidding? -- Part 1: The Teaser

Today we begin a new series called "Joyful Learning? Are You Kidding?" This series will cover some additional information that Dr. White has shared with us about upcoming events.  As we prepare Part 2, we begin with Part 1:  "A Teaser."

The video speaks for itself. Please watch it to the end.  We believe it will set the mood for our next post.

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jay_wick said...

Sometimes it seems like certain district staff is going out of their way to figuratively "flip the bird" at those of us who see a disturbing pattern of them wasting the time and money of the district with pals from their time at university.

The fact is there are excellent resources available from places other than the Badger state. When it comes specifically to autism the early interventions of our neighboring district, Butler 53, as well as the work of specialists from LADSE (which we pulled out of several years ago...) are exemplary.

It is one thing to talk about certain policies deserving support and quite another to see a pattern of steering work to pals.

If the BOE does not crack down on this they are willfully sowing the seeds of radical shifts.

I have little stomach for such corruption.