Wednesday, September 6, 2017

WAKE UP to Possible Negative Impacts of Recently Enacted School Funding Legislation!

This morning we received the following comment from resident Yvonne Mayer asking that we publish it as a free standing post.  We have agreed to do so, after watching the video clip she references showing the D86 Superintendent speaking candidly (at last night's D86 BOE meeting) about the negative impact the enacted legislation may have on districts such as D86.  Everything he said could happen in D181.  It is time the community wakes up to this issue. If Dr. White won't "tell it like it is," then we guess we will have to.

As always, SOUND OFF!

Yvonne Mayer said...
Dear Bloggers: Below is an email I just sent to the D181 BOE. Please consider publishing it as a free standing post. The D181 community must know about possible future ramifications of the recent state funding vote in Springfield. Thank you.

Dear D181 Board of Education Members and Dr. White:

Last night I attended the D86 Board meeting. Dr. Law publicly reported on legislative school funding actions taken in the last 2 weeks in Springfield and the possible negative ramifiations D86 will face as a result.

I urge all of you to watch the portion of last night's Videopodcast and his Superintendent's report on this issue. 

It can be accessed at and begins at Counter 1:38:50. 

This is not Dr. Law's first public report on the school funding issues. He has been transparent, candid and willing to lay out the issues not only to the D86 BOE, but also to the D86 community. He should be commended for his proactive approach to these important school funding issues.

Dr. Law's proactive reporting style should be emulated by Dr. White in D181. The D181 community deserves to have a superintendent who stays ahead of the issues, just as Dr. Law has in D86.

I urge the D181 BOE to request that Dr. White begin publicly addressing state funding issues in more detail than he has in the past.


Yvonne Mayer
D181 Taxpayer


Anonymous said...

White will never do what Dr. Law did because he is incapable of understanding the ramifications of the obvious funding problems in our public schools in Illinois. Bravo to Dr. Law.

If D86 breaks apart from Hinsdale South, I vote for Dr. Law to become the new superintendent of D181. Make D181 include Hinsdale Central so it will become a K-12 district.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Maercker & Butler school districts also feed into Central, so we'd have to merge with them as well. My main concern is that so many people assume that we'll get Dr. Law & D86's curriculum, but we're just as likely to get Dr. White & D181's curriculum. If the latter happens, we're not only stuck with it for K-8, but 9-12 as well.

Anonymous said...

Dr. White should invite Dr. Law to discuss these issues with parents and residents in D181 and all other feeder schools if he wants to help spread the word. These funding problems are going to particularly impact young families and residents whose children have already graduated high school. Neither of these groups of people are on D86 emailing lists so the village boards of the high school feeder districts need to help him spread the word. So do the local papers. This problem will have a major impact on our property taxes so no one who lives here can afford to ignore this information.

The school budget crisis will negatively impact all residents in Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills, Burr Ridge, and Oak Brook. Not just the ones who children are currently in elementary or high school. Village board members from all of the above towns must also be emailed and fully informed of this issue because it will raise everyone's property taxes. Funds earmarked for important city infrastructure updates or police will suddenly have to start going to pay for the educations of children in Chicago City Schools.

Many Village Board members are people whose kids have already graduated high school. Or, they do not realize how much money public school districts need. It isn't fair that people in our community will have to start sacrificing our own infrastructure and qualify of public schools in order to correct the public school budget crisis created in Springfield. I know Dr. Law spoke about this months ago on local TV stations, but why hasn't anyone in D181 done this? Especially since we have almost as many kids in our district as they do.

Since he has already taken the time to thoroughly educate himself on this issue, and Dr. White has not, it makes the most sense for Dr. Law to directly give this information to everyone else who lives in these towns. D181, don't hire another consultant to just now, start investigating this problem that has been facing us for years. D181 parents do not want any more conversations or surveys with consultants and parents who will take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get up to speed on this issue. Get Dr. Law to share the information that he already has out to the parents of young children who will be most impacted by the school budget crisis.