Thursday, January 16, 2014


As we prepared to publish our reflections on the HMS discussion that took place during the Facilities Committee presentation at Monday's Board meeting, we received this breaking news:

Hinsdale Middle School classes have been cancelled and the school closed tomorrow due to the possible finding of black mold in the walls today.

Earlier today, after school activities were cancelled and students heard that the walls were going to be torn up and dry wall ripped down because mold may have been found.  Only after school ended, did Dr. Schuster send a cryptic email out to parents informing them that the Air Quality test report had come back NEGATIVE with the air at the school testing within normal limits.  However, HMS would be closed on Friday because mold had possibly been found today and has been sent out for testing.  

As concerned parents, we don't trust what Dr. Schuster has said about the air quality report and we demand that it be immediately published its entirety on the D181 website.

Sources since Dr. Schuster's email release are stating that BLACK mold was possibly found in the walls of the art room and in the stairwell walls closest to the teacher work room in the MRC.

On Monday night, teacher Christine Maxwell reported that last Wednesday, a high level administrator who had only been in the building for a very short time declared that there was no mold, because he/she could not smell it with his/her sensitive nose.  Guess their nose wasn't that sensitive after all.

As we drove by HMS a short while ago, we saw that a CBS news truck had arrived.  

Stay tuned for further updates, including publication of the post we originally intended to publish today.

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Anonymous said...

It was Dr. Schuster who made the comment about being able to detect mold with her nose. I am a staff member and I am absolutely appalled by the state of our district, and now especially HMS. There has been no leadership or guidance regarding the health and safety issues that have plagued the teachers and students, particularly for the past several years. Teachers are reluctant to speak out for fear of retaliation by the administration. Thank goodness our union officer and fellow teacher stepped up. Now let's hope it will make a difference with solutions that will work instead of just lip service.