Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Summary of 1/13/14 Meeting To Be Posted Shortly

Readers -- we will be posting a summary of Monday's board meeting later today. After listening to the meeting on Monday night, we were, to be frank, quite shell shocked by some of the disturbing information that we learned about the conditions at Hinsdale Middle School (which was disclosed not by Dr. Schuster, but by two brave teachers and a former School Board President and Hinsdale Trustee who made public comments), the truth about what is apparently behind the Learning for All Plan and the apparent need to now prop 4th grade students' math performance up by offering tutoring to them so they can keep up with the accelerated model that is being forced on them.We wanted to review the audiotape of the meeting before posting our reflections and will finish doing so later today.  So stay tuned. In the meantime, several persons who attended the meeting have posted comments to our last post describing their reactions to what transpired at the meeting.  Thanks to them for doing so, and we encourage everyone to read them.

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