Saturday, November 8, 2014

No To Late Start -- A Community Non-Negotiable

This morning we received the following comment and then a second one asking us to publish it as a free standing post.  We have obliged because we are outraged by Dr. White's suggestion in his Superintendent's Report for Monday's BOE meeting (11/10/14 at Madison School - 7 pm) that Late Starts be reconsidered for D181.  Click link to open Dr. White's Report.  More to follow later on other issues we have flagged in Dr. White's report.

Anonymous said...
Hey: note to White and Schneider: late start/ early release is one of this community's non negotiables!!! How dare you bring it up in your boe report. There was a petition signed by a 1000 parents and a survey - the answer was a resounding no. But I guess neither of you care about parents or the fact that we just "resolved " this with the teacher contract.

Simple solution: get rid of learning for all! Problem solved! And no substitute teacher shortgage to boot. It shouldn't be this hard.

Also data is not an after thought. Your boe meeting agenda is pathetic! No isat analysis, no 5essential survey ( Monroe Madison teachers were scathing), no math plan, no school improvement plan, no science isats.

White: I no longer support you. You have let us down. You and Schneider can leave together. And take Benaitis with you.

Boe: get your act together and do something 



Anonymous said...

Yes, White. Don't 1000 signatures mean anything to you? It is obvious that Schneider is telling you that a handful of "radicals" are lying, or causing problems for him. YOU fell for his lies and excuses, but it is time for YOU to wake up and analyze the facts.

Can 1000 signatures all be forged? Who is lying, 1000 tax paying people whose children are in this social experiment, or Schneider - the one who has no credentials or experience in elementary and middle school curriculum?

Can ALL of the parents who have sent letters and gotten up and spoken over the last 3 years ALL be radical liars? And if so, WHY? Unlike Schneider and the administrators, none of the complainers have anything to GAIN by showing up at BOE meetings or writing letters. NONE. In fact, we are all LOSING our time and watching our tax dollars be spent on HIS RADICAL ideas!

All Schneider had to do was LISTEN to teachers and the community, yet you have chosen to ignore us ALL. The only thing we are gaining is frustration and anger because YOU, the person we hired for transparency, has betrayed us.

Can't you see that Schneider is simply promoting his own theories? Everyone he brings to us for "expertise" are HIS colleagues and lecture buddies! They are not nationally recognized in the fields of curriculum. Look!

This is not acceptable. We all believe that children with special needs should be included, and that their needs should be met ---BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE of ALL OF THE OTHER STUDENT'S NEEDS.
EVERY child needs to have the opportunity to LEARN and be challenged. THIS IS ABOUT EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for ALL - not the opportunity for non special ed children to be burdened with becoming tutors! Or for ALL children to be squeezed into a one size fits all curriculum. While children with special needs get individualized educations, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THE REST OF OUR CHILDREN? Someone needs to tell Schneider's friend, Kluth, that forcing the quicker learners to ignore their own abilities so that they can focus on becoming free child labor is NOT OK! Is she aware that our district has eliminated gifted specialists, and is now attempting to force all children into the same one size fit all program?

Put Dr. Schnieder back where he belongs - in a theoretical, utopian university setting! He has NO CLUE about the challenges that our teachers are facing or how to help ONE CHILD, let alone ALL CHILDREN. He has ruined our district because he cannot seem to get it through his skull that this is a SCHOOL DISTRICT - NOT A POLITICAL ARENA FOR FOSTERING SOCIAL CHANGE!

November 8, 2014 at 12:38 PM

Anonymous said...

What's next - bring back four day summer work week?

White - they are making you look like a fool. You are trusting the wrong people.

Anonymous said...

Terrific points ....

When does the adminstration address all the questions from the parents? example-"please define what you mean by "inclusive classroom"?

We never get answer-just more demands.