Friday, December 8, 2017

What is Wrong with Educational Leaders Today?

Today we read with dismay the following news article posted in the Chicago Tribune:

It tells the tale of the CPS Chief Executive Officer who resigned today "after being accused of engaging in a “full-blown cover-up” during an ethics investigation by the district’s inspector general."  

The CEO resigned and called his actions a "stupid mistake."

Interestingly, even the Mayor of Chicago came to the CEO's defense and said "he can walk out with his head held high" stating that "An individual in time is judged by the entirety of their service. When you look at Forrest’s service … he has always gone to work with his sleeves rolled up, ready to get the job done.

It boggles our minds how people want to ignore that WRONG IS WRONG IS WRONG.  

Cover-ups are not "stupid mistakes" that should be overlooked.  Seems to us that in the business of education, if we want to teach our kids right from wrong, lying and coverups cannot be ignored.  



Anonymous said...

Has anyone taken the superintendent search survey ( yet? I found it fairly superficial. It starts out with the standard identifying yourself questions (I live in D181, I have children here, I work here, etc.), plus a bunch of "Select the 3 most important…" questions regarding superintendent, our community, etc. plus a few "Choose whether this skill/quality is Very important, important or not at all important." However, somewhat unsurprisingly, there's no area to write comments. They say you send additional comments to the survey company via snail mail. Umm, seriously? Considering the last few supers we've had, I think it's important to write in comments and not be restrained to just "pick the top three" options. It's way more complex and important than that!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. The survey did not allow me to express what I want in a Superintendent. The multiple choice options were meaningless. The lack of ability to write in comments was typical for this district.

Anonymous said...

The survey questions were superficial. The survey questions could have been copied from thousands of survey examples a Google search could have produced. If the creators of the survey truly wanted our thoughts, they would have provided space for comments OR had a survey with more meaningful questions. Frankly, if I owned this search firm, I would be embarrassed that my team believed it was an effective representation of how to write a survey or conduct a superintendent search.

If the search firm believes that this survey will be helpful, then I am scared about the candidates they will be presenting.

We don't need another Don White.

Anonymous said...


The Parents said...

6:52: Can you please share where you got the Contract Term Posting?